Monday June 3, 2019

Carol is in the Water

We love it when we can take it easy in the morning. Today is one of those days and to top it off, breakfast is included here. We are surprised by the nice spread put out by this IBIS hotel. There is cheese, meat, bread, croissants, pastries, and hard boiled eggs. Coffee and juice as well which of course always makes for a happy Carol when coffee is provided. After breakfast, we slowly get ready for today’s big adventure. Our plan involves a hectic day of hanging out at the beach of Lake Annecy. We walk back along the river to the waterfront and then follow the shore on a walking path until we hit the beach. There is at least twelve to eighteen inches of lake sand or dry bottom by the water and the rest of the beach is made up of grass. Still a beach is a beach and there are not many that have this kind of beauty surrounding them.

Rare Footage

We lay our towels down and I wait for the rare occurrence of Carol in the water. She has promised me she would go in today and I wait patiently in my beach blind until I get a rare glimpse of a swimming Carol. Making the photo, I then join her. The water is brisk and it takes me a while to immerse myself. Once in, it is not bad, at least not like some of the other places I have swam where I am in and out in under a minute. The sun is shining and when we get out we move into the sun for a short while to warm up. Then back in the shade.

Charlie Swimming

I do go in again so Carol can get a picture of me in my first French lake. This is all we do today, swim, relax, eat cheese and bread, and enjoy the scenery. After several hours, we walk back along the waterfront, feed a swan some leftovers, and stroll back to our room on the other side of the river for change in scenery.

Charlie of the Lake

Later, we have to deal with an issue that has arisen. There is supposed to be a national train strike tomorrow and we are concerned that our train to Lyon may be cancelled. We had asked at the info booth when we arrived yesterday and she said to come back today and find out. When they strike, they are supposed to list the effected trains by 1700 the day before. It is 1700 when we arrive at the station and I go back to the info booth. She sends me to the ticket office. We wait in line with other travelers who may be trying to find out the same thing. When we get to the window, she does not understand what I am saying. I am prepared with the French translation of I heard there is a strike tomorrow, is our train effected? Her response is no, no, no. So I guess we are okay. Of course, my non optimistic side, makes me go into the bus ticket office to see if there is a bus to Lyon tomorrow just in case. There is, so feeling that I have done all I can do at this point, we return to the hotel. We then start out to find a place to eat, and decide to just get a pizza and some beer to eat at the hotel. We buy some cold beer at the grocery store and while I wait for the pizza, Carol goes back to the room. Or so I thought. When I return with the pizza she is sitting in the breakfast area, having asked if we could eat there. Much nicer than our room. This was a thoroughly enjoyable stop and a great place to recharge our batteries. Tomorrow, we are on to the much larger city of Lyon.

Ibis Styles Annecy Gare 92.98E
Pastries from Aux Gourmandies 5.95E Cash
Beer from supermarket 5.04E Cash
Pizza from Royale Pizza 10.50E Cash
Walked 5 Miles